The Print Aid Project

A few of you may have seen me plugging this over twitter recently. A few weeks back after a chat with a couple of other local photographers, we decided it would be great to setup a website selling real hi-quality photographic prints for a super low price (a tenner) and donating all the profits to the British Red Cross – Japan Earthquake appeal. The few day’s that passed after the earthquake, we were bombarded with horrific, terrifying photographs of nature brutally destroying peoples homes and taking their lives in Japan. Sitting miles away, it’s very easy to feel useless and for us, a couple of photographers, this seemed like an ideal way to not be useless. The Print Aid Project.

The response to it has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve had donations from incredible photographers both amateur and professional across the world. All with the same goal as us, trying to help out Japan in whatever way we can. People have been taking advantage of being able to get superb quality prints at low cost whilst helping out too. We’ve done interviews with national and international publications, all whom have remarked on the sheer standard of work available.

Our email is filled to the brim with submissions and we’re filtering through them trying to keep the already high standard that we’ve been congratulated on. So if you have submitted and not heard anything yet, we’re getting there. We promise. All of us have full time jobs and we’re spending our evenings sorting through Print Aid, but it’s all worth it.

Please go and take a look, guarantee you’ll like something there. :)

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